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Valve Opens Submissions for Dota 2 Short Film Contest for TI 12

Valve Corporation, the esteemed developer behind the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Dota 2, has officially announced the commencement of the Dota 2 Short Film Contest for The International 12 (TI 12). In an eagerly anticipated move, Valve invites filmmakers from across the globe to submit their short films, each lasting 90 seconds or less, to the Dota 2 Steam Workshop by September 14, 2023, for a chance to be featured during the prestigious Dota 2 tournament.

The Dota 2 Short Film Contest has established itself as a platform that showcases the immense creativity and talent of the Dota 2 community. This year, filmmakers have the opportunity to captivate audiences and make their mark on the Dota landscape by weaving together visually stunning narratives within the constraints of a brief timeframe.

Valve aims to engage Dota fans worldwide by encouraging their active participation in the selection process. Fans can visit the Dota 2 Steam Workshop, where they can delve into discussions and cast their votes for their favorite short films. Their ratings and insights will play a crucial role in determining the most outstanding submissions, which will then be showcased during the live broadcast of The International 2023.

Valve Corporation will assume the responsibility of nominating the top entries for the final voting stage. These selected films will be prominently featured in the Dota client, allowing the community to determine the ultimate winners. By leveraging the collective wisdom and preferences of Dota enthusiasts, Valve seeks to honor and celebrate the exceptional talent within its dedicated community.

The Dota 2 Short Film Contest offers not only a chance for recognition but also an impressive array of prizes. The top ten finalists are guaranteed a monetary reward of $500 each, acknowledging their contributions to the Dota community. As an additional incentive, the three most exceptional submissions will receive cash prizes of $25,000, $10,000, and $5,000, respectively. This substantial investment highlights Valve’s commitment to supporting and nurturing the creativity and artistic endeavors of Dota fans worldwide.

Filmmakers eager to participate in the Dota 2 Short Film Contest are advised to visit the official Dota 2 Short Film Contest site, where they will find comprehensive guidelines and crucial information about the submission process. Familiarizing oneself with these guidelines is essential to ensure a successful entry into the competition. Additionally, frequent visits to the Dota 2 Steam Workshop are encouraged, providing filmmakers with the opportunity to review and support their favorite submissions, shaping the future landscape of Dota 2 cinematic creations.

As the submission deadline of September 14, 2023 approaches, the Dota 2 community eagerly anticipates the unveiling of the most compelling and visually stunning short films. Valve Corporation’s unwavering commitment to fostering talent and engaging the community has transformed the Dota 2 Short Film Contest into a highly anticipated event leading up to The International 12, set to take place in Seattle. Filmmakers and Dota fans alike eagerly await the announcement of the winners, curious to witness the incredible stories that will unfold on the silver screen of Dota 2.

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