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Valve F*cks Betboom Again with DPC points Distribution

The release of Valve’s own Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) ranking list has caused significant discrepancies and controversy within the Dota 2 community. Despite standardized points counting systems across different platforms, Valve’s list differs from third-party DPC point counting sites, leading to unexpected outcomes and teams losing their qualification spots.

DPC points can be earned through participation in regional tours and majors. Points may also be deducted if a player leaves a team or if a player is unable to attend majors due to circumstances beyond their control. However, the shock came when the disparities between Valve’s list and other lists became apparent, resulting in unexpected changes to team rankings and qualifications.

One team that has been particularly affected is BetBoom. Last year, a similar situation occurred, causing them to lose their spot by a mere 0.25 points. This year, BetBoom should have qualified as the 12th team according to any other DPC point counting list. However, Valve’s list places them as the 15th-ranked team, resulting in their disqualification despite accumulating what would have been enough points according to other rankings.

This discrepancy raises questions and concerns among the Dota 2 community. It is unclear why Valve’s list does not deduct points from teams that should have faced deductions. This inconsistency has not only affected BetBoom but has also raised doubts about the intentionality and transparency of Valve’s rankings.

As Dota 2 continues to grow as an esport, it is crucial for the ranking and qualification processes to be fair, consistent, and transparent. Discrepancies between different DPC point counting systems can lead to confusion, frustration, and the potential for teams to lose out on deserved qualification spots. The Dota 2 community and teams affected by these discrepancies can only hope for clarification from Valve regarding their decision-making process and the reasoning behind the differences in their ranking list.

Ultimately, the goal should be to ensure that all teams have an equal and fair chance to compete in prestigious events like The International based on their performance and accumulated DPC points. Transparency and consistency in the ranking system will contribute to the integrity and competitiveness of Dota 2 as a professional esport.

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