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OldG now Puckchamp?

There has been a lot of buzz around the recent disbanding of the OldG team and their decision to form a new team called “Puckchamp”. OldG had been struggling in the DPC tour 2, barely managing to qualify for Division 2, and they had a very rough time in the competition. As a result, they were in danger of being relegated from the division.

The situation was complicated further when two players from OldG, Kitrak and Resolution, were called up to stand in for teams in the Berlin Major. This meant that OldG couldn’t play the tiebreaker against Puckchamp to determine which team would stay in Division 2. Ultimately, it was Puckchamp who managed to avoid relegation and secure their place in the division.

Following these events, OldG decided to disband and form a new team under the name Puckchamp. The new team is hoping to perform better in the upcoming DPC tour 3 and to avoid the struggles that their predecessors faced in the previous competition. Fans are eager to see how the new team will perform, and whether they can secure a higher rank in the competition than their previous iteration.

This will most likely mean that Ceb will move to position 3 and Aramis will be the new position 4 for the team. The team has many star and accomplished players. They have expressed their motivation and love for the game by still continuing to play to this day even after announcing their retirement. Ceb especially has been known as the one of the player who plays most number of games, even during his retirement.