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Dota 2 Patch 7.33c: A Balance Update Shaping the Meta

Introduction: Valve has released the highly anticipated Dota 2 patch 7.33c, bringing numerous changes and adjustments to the game. This gameplay update aims to enhance balance and address various issues affecting heroes, items, and overall gameplay. With adjustments to hero attributes, item stats, and ability mechanics, this patch promises to shape the meta and create new strategies for players to explore.

General Updates: The patch introduces several general updates that affect gameplay dynamics. Notably, picking up a wisdom rune now grants experience to the lowest-level hero on the team. This change encourages support heroes to prioritize rune control and assists in leveling up lower-level heroes. Additionally, observer ward experience bounties have been increased, rewarding players for warding and maintaining vision control.

Stacking camps has become more rewarding for the players who perform the stacking. The stacker now receives a percentage of the experience gained when the stacked camp is cleared. This change incentivizes efficient jungle management and rewards players for their strategic efforts.

To improve clarity and gameplay, multiple tree paths that led to dead ends and deceptive terrain have been cleared. This adjustment ensures that movement and decision-making are more intuitive for players.

Hero Attribute Points: In patch 7.33c, heroes now have the option to skill bonus attribute points starting at level 6. This change provides additional flexibility in hero builds and allows players to customize their heroes’ attributes according to the match’s evolving needs.

Universal Heroes Damage per Attribute: The universal heroes’ damage per attribute has been increased from 0.6 to 0.7. This adjustment ensures that all heroes benefit equally from their primary attributes, promoting balance across the hero roster.

Item Updates: Patch 7.33c introduces several changes to items, aiming to enhance their viability and impact in the game. Notably, lifesteal from creeps on both purchasable and neutral items has been increased from 50% to 60%. This change empowers heroes who rely on lifesteal as part of their core mechanics, granting them additional sustainability in fights and while farming.

Various item adjustments have been made to balance their power and cost. For example, Boots of Bearing’s recipe cost has been increased, while Bracer’s damage bonus has been increased. Crimson Guard’s recipe cost and mana cost have also been adjusted to better align with its impact in the game. These changes ensure that items provide a fair trade-off between cost and effectiveness.

Neutral Item Updates: Several neutral items have received adjustments to their stats and effects. For instance, Duelist Gloves now provide increased boldness attack speed and enemy hero search range, enhancing their utility for aggressive heroes. Seeds of Serenity provide additional health regen, enhancing their sustainability attributes.

The changes to neutral items aim to create more meaningful choices and itemization strategies for players, allowing them to adapt to different game scenarios and hero compositions.

Hero Updates: Patch 7.33c brings adjustments to various heroes to address balance issues and improve overall gameplay.

Abaddon has received a base damage decrease, ensuring his laning phase is more manageable for opponents. Alchemist’s base movement speed has been reduced, affecting his overall mobility in the early game. Unstable Concoction’s cooldown has been increased to reduce its availability for constant harass and aggression.

Changes to heroes like Beastmaster, Bounty Hunter, and Dark Willow aim to create a more balanced gameplay experience and adjust their impact across different stages of the game.

Conclusion: Dota 2 patch 7.33c introduces a range of changes and adjustments that aim to enhance balance and improve gameplay dynamics. The update addresses issues affecting hero attributes, items, and general gameplay mechanics. With these changes, players will need to adapt their strategies