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Patch 7.33 Gamplay Changes

New Dota 2 patch 7.33 was released today and this update is called New Frontiers and brings several changes to the game.

The most significant change is the expansion of the Dota map by 40%. This expansion allows players to explore new terrain and discover new strategies. Both jungles have been reconfigured, and new resources have been added to the game. Roshan, the game’s boss, has also received an upgrade with two new pits, making him even tankier.

There are also new gameplay features, such as the Twin Gates that allow players to teleport instantly from one edge of the map to the other. Lotus Pools have been added to the left and right sides of the map, and they periodically spawn fruit that grants mana and HP. Players can stockpile this fruit and combine it to make even more valuable fruit.

Two powerful neutral creeps called Tormentors now spawn near each base after 20 minutes, and they have a bellyful of Aghanim’s Shards. However, they also have megashields that reflect most of the damage thrown at them. Watchers are another new feature that grants vision over an area for seven minutes once activated. Defenders Gates have been added as a back door to a player’s base, allowing teams to sneak in and out while the enemy team is assaulting the front.

Wisdom Runes and Shield Runes are new power-ups that grant XP boosts and a barrier of 50% of a player’s max HP, respectively. The patch also introduces 12 new creep camps scattered throughout the expanded map and two new Outposts.

In addition to the new gameplay features, there are also matchmaking changes and user interface changes, making the game more enjoyable for players. Overall, the New Frontiers update brings significant changes to Dota 2, providing players with a new gaming experience.