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DPC points system is showing its cracks

The Dota 2 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) points system has been a topic of discussion among the Dota 2 community. The system awards points to teams based on their performance in both regional tournaments and majors. However, there are concerns regarding the distribution of points and its impact on team qualifications for The International.

In the regional tournaments, the rankings determine the points allocation, with the top teams earning more points. The first-place team receives 300 points, followed by 180, 120, and 60 points for the second, third, and fourth positions, respectively, with 30 points awarded to the fifth-place team. This system aims to promote competition within each region and provide opportunities for teams to earn points.

On the other hand, majors offer more points and reward a larger number of teams. The points distribution for majors is as follows: the first-place team receives 400 points, the second-place team earns 350 points, and the third-place team receives 300 points. The fourth-place team earns 250 points, while the fifth-sixth place teams are awarded 200 points each. Lastly, the seventh-eighth place teams receive 100 points.

While majors provide a substantial number of points and allow teams from different regions to compete against each other, the current system has led to some imbalances. In regions with only one or two dominant teams, they can easily secure enough points from regional tournaments to qualify for The International, even if they perform poorly in majors. This monopoly on points can hinder the chances of objectively better teams from other regions who may perform exceptionally well in majors but struggle to accumulate enough regional points.

A recent example of this is Gamin Gladiators, who have won three majors, showcasing their prowess against teams from various regions. Despite their success, they had fewer points than Team Liquid, raising concerns about the fairness of the points system.

To address this issue, some suggest allocating more points to major performances to ensure that objectively stronger teams have a better chance of qualifying. By giving more weightage to major performances, it would not only recognize the top teams’ achievements but also provide an opportunity for teams from highly competitive regions to showcase their skills and earn the necessary points.

Balancing the points system between regional tournaments and majors is a crucial aspect that Dota 2 organizers, including Valve, should consider to ensure a fair qualification process for The International. A system that values both regional dominance and exceptional performance in majors would create a more inclusive and competitive environment, allowing the best teams from across regions to participate in the pinnacle of Dota 2 tournaments.

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