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A Decade of Dota: Celebrating 10 Years of Epic Battles

In the mystical realms of Dota 2, where battles between radiant and dire forces rage on, legends are forged, and heroes emerge. Today, we gather to celebrate a remarkable milestone—the 10-year anniversary of Dota 2. It’s a momentous occasion, whether you believe the Ancients have always existed, or you side with the wizards in the forest who have long whispered tales of Dota’s ten-year journey.

To commemorate this extraordinary journey, Valve has prepared a special treat for all Dota 2 enthusiasts. From now until Thursday, September 7, every victorious Dota 2 match will reward players with a commemorative treasure chest. Within these treasures lie thirteen special items, each representing a different year in Dota’s storied history. To collect them all, you’ll need to keep winning Dota games, a feat that’s both challenging and rewarding.

This celebration isn’t just about collecting treasures; it’s also a chance to express gratitude to the vibrant Dota community. Valve acknowledges the unwavering support and passion of the player base, which has propelled Dota 2 to the pinnacle of esports. The journey thus far has been nothing short of remarkable, and it’s been shared with the dedicated players who make up this remarkable community.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the treasures on offer:

2011 – 10th Anniversary Dolfrat and Roshinante In this treasure, a classic courier set from 2011 makes a triumphant return. It’s a throwback to the days when open beta testing was the norm, and Dota 2 was taking its first steps onto the international stage.

2012 – 10th Anniversary The Alpine Stalker’s Set This treasure includes Ursa’s Immortal set from 2012, a memorable year filled with iconic items. The Bavarian-hatted bear set the Dota world abuzz.

2013 – 10th Anniversary Relic Sword 2013 marked Dota 2’s official release, and it brought more than just new heroes. Skeleton King, for ceremonial reasons, gave way to the Wraith King, introducing a new era in the game.

2014 – 10th Anniversary Filmtail A year of magic, 2014 saw the Dota community revel in both the game and its cinematic universe. Dota’s own documentary became a source of pride.

2015 – 10th Anniversary Bindings of Deep Magma (Two styles) The year 2015 witnessed one of the most unforgettable moments in Dota history, as EG triumphed over CDEC at The International, securing the coveted Aegis.

2016 – 10th Anniversary Staff of Gun-Yu December 2016 marked the countdown to the release of The Boston Major’s 7.00 update, a pivotal moment in Dota’s journey, and the introduction of Monkey King.

2017 – 10th Anniversary Heaven Piercing Pauldrons 2017 was brimming with new game modes, from Dark Moon to Turbo mode. Players battled waves of enemies and tackled brutally challenging campaigns.

2018 – 10th Anniversary Gabe Newell Chat Lines Gabe Newell, Valve’s founder, left a lasting impact in 2018 with his iconic chat lines. These lines, spoken by Gabe himself, added a personal touch to the Dota experience.

2019 – 10th Anniversary Hidden Vector Void Spirit emerged in 2019, a new addition to the spirit family, forever changing the landscape of Dota 2.

2020 – 10th Anniversary Aghanim’s Roshan In 2020, the absence of The International was filled by Aghanim’s Lab, an adventure inside the corridors of the enigmatic Aghanim’s mind.

2021 – 10th Anniversary Mirana Persona Bundle Dota: Dragon’s Blood in 2021 introduced players to Mirana and her compelling persona, marking a significant chapter in Dota’s story.

2022 – 10th Anniversary Shader Effect 2023 A CRT Screen overlay brought the nostalgia of the ’90s to Dota in 2022, a fitting tribute to the ever-evolving game.

2023 – 10th Anniversary Tormentor Finally, 2023 introduces the Tormentor set, a symbol of Dota’s ever-changing nature. The next monumental shift in gameplay is always just around the corner.

As you explore these treasures, you’ll find not only hero sets but also couriers, chat lines, and even a custom Roshan model. Some sets are Immortal, some Legendary, and there are seasonal items too.

The 10-Year Anniversary is a testament to the enduring legacy of Dota 2. It continues to evolve and captivate, with each year bringing new challenges and adventures. So, put on your party hats and embark on this celebratory journey with Dota 2. It’s a decade worth celebrating, and there are treasures to be won on the battlefield. Here’s to another ten years of Dota excellence!

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